Art, Heart & Technology
We create digital experiences with people in mind

Human-centered design

At Tenaka’s Tribe, we believe in putting the people we design for at the heart of our creative process — understanding their needs and challenges, instead of assuming. This helps us come up with successful solutions quicker, making people’s lives easier, simpler and more fun. This is called human-centred design or design thinking.

Problem solving like a boss

Our workSome of the sparks of our imagination and the clients who lit them

Our clientsSome of the people we work with


Tenaka was a young warrior that brought the many tribes of the Drenai together and instilled greatness in his tribesmen*. He inspired our name and, like him, we bring people, their skills and passions together and seek inspiration from the community to inform our process of creating digital experiences that make people's lives easier and more fun. We are the Tribe.

*'The King Beyond the Gate' was written in 1985 by David Gemmel and was the first appearance of Tenaka Khan.

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The Tribe

Art, heart and technology: we do what we love, and we do it for the love of people. It has to be beautiful, functional and easy to use. It has to make life better.

We take client service very seriously, more seriously than we take ourselves — we’ve been known to skip a lunch for it.

We’ve also been known to dream big and shout loud. #dontmindus


Wander about the musings of a Tribe expressing the meaning we find in topics ranging from technology and photography to embracing limitations and living life deliberately. You might just wander into something that’s meaningful to you.


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Did you know?
  • Tsholo invented the inimitable Tsholoccino, which involves a lot of love and stirring. #masteratwork
  • Stuart once rode into the back of a car while cycling uphill. #makeway
  • Elena has a girl crush on Frida Kahlo. #raisedeyebrow
  • Vikee once had a bit part in a Thai soap opera, ballroom dancing with a ginger Swedish bloke. An elephant also starred. #thethingswedotobeontv
  • Kishan can balance on a football for at least 1 minute and 9.3 seconds. "I'm like a seal, mofos.” #manoffewbutwonderoustalents
  • Tshepo always says his final prayers before he gets into a taxi to go home. “If you saw the taxis that go to Brakpan, you'd understand.” #heregoesnothing
  • Martin had his Transvaal colours for ice skating when he was 9. He hasn't skated since! #careermisses
  • Neels loves punishing himself on a bicycle. So far, he has suffered through 9000kms. That's almost all the way to London from Joburg. #shame
  • Neels has gained 13kms of elevation on his bicycle. That's right up where the troposphere meets the stratosphere. #headintheclouds
  • Kishan’s greatest achievement at work today was eating six donuts. “It's men, nay, heroes, like me that drive our industry forward." #donutsmustfall
  • Celestine loves shoes. #hopelesslydevoted
  • Sudhir has a birthmark running from his right arm to his belly. #bodymapping

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