The whole point

Sage wanted to give thousands of South African business owners a way to understand the Budget Speech.

Our big idea

- Make the Budget accessible with an interactive infographic that goes live immediately after the Budget Speech
- Focus on figures that mean something to people
- Allow them to compare to 2015 figures

Getting down to it

We united with one of our partners, ClickMaven, and hunkered down in the Sage War Room with our prebuilt site, poised to get those figures into the infographic the moment they were released. It was intense, we won’t lie.

The results

Ten Tenakis celebrated when our infographic launched and made lives easier. (It even got a few wolf whistles.)

The feel good

So far, the page has helped about 22 800 people understand the Budget better.

Instant infographic updated budget speech

Comparing tax rates for 2016 with 2015 — green bars show taxable income

Sage Tax 1.2

Tax rebates and thresholds went up or stayed the same

Sage Tax 2.1

Medical scheme contributions went up from 2015

Sage Tax 3.1

Clear features and benefits of Sage solutions

Sage Pay Roll

A simple way to work out which Sage products suits you

Sage Pay Roll Hero
Sage Online Travel
Sage Online Travel
Sage Online Travel