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What the hashtag is #TribalShare? you ask.

We are a Tribe that likes to share. What we share is creative content that comes from deep down in our happiness buckets. It’s things in which we find joy, purpose and meaning, and in sharing them here we’re hoping to add a little something to your happiness bucket. ShareAway - and feed back if you feel like it!

A South African take on human-centred design - #TribalShare by Tenaka's Tribe

A South African take on human-centred design

Human-centred design works well with the notion of finding uniquely African solutions to African challenges. Even the seemingly insurmountable challenges such as water shortages, sanitation and poverty might have viable solutions. And most importantly, the solutions to these problems could more than likely come from those who face them on a daily basis. A list […]

Why Human-Centred Design Matters - #TribalShare by Tenaka's Tribe

Why Human-Centred Design Matters

The success of a product or service is rooted in user experience. It’s this simple, yet powerful premise that has made Human-Centred Design gain traction across all major business sectors around the world, says Stuart McDougall, Managing Director at Tenaka’s Tribe, a human-centred design agency, which is helping blue-chip clients across a wide range of […]

Unpacking Human-Centered Design - #TribalShare by Tenaka's Tribe

Unpacking Human-Centered Design

“Understanding what the customer needs, should not be assumed. There is so much we can learn by engaging with customers that exceeds everything assumed.” Stuart McDougall, MD Tenaka Most things in the world today are designed with humans in mind. Across every industry, user experience is touted as critical to the success of a product, […]

Seven seriously good reasons why we choose to give - #TribalShare by Tenaka's Tribe

Seven seriously good reasons why we choose to give

“We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.” – Winston Churchill March 23 is Tenaka Day, when we celebrate in some meaningful way the anniversary of the day four years ago when we broke, bashed and hammered down the walls inside our office, symbolising the breakdown of […]

Problem? Bring it! - #TribalShare by Tenaka's Tribe

Problem? Bring it!

Workshop: Introduction to Human-Centered Design 17 March 2017 @3M Being a human-centered digital agency means looking at problems from a different perspective – the perspective of the people we’re finding solutions for. It’s the way we work every day, but it’s also a logical and effective approach that applies across businesses and industries, which is […]

Spreading the word about human centered design - #TribalShare by Tenaka's Tribe

Spreading the word about human centered design

A little while back, while trekking the journey of a design agency pondering the question of defining itself, a bright light shone right in our startled eyes – the light of an organisation called IDEO; a light that shines far and wide, making a difference in people’s lives and continuously seeking out the best possible […]

A creative bone or two in every body - #TribalShare by Tenaka's Tribe

A creative bone or two in every body

It’s like magic: a puckish sprite who pops up at whim, thrilling us with flashes of genie-us. And there is undoubtedly something natural about creativity — some of us are more blessed with it than others. But it can be learned, practised and invoked. There are tricks, inroads, back doors and secret passwords into the creative realm […]

Embracing technology….. with a pinch of salt - #TribalShare by Tenaka's Tribe

Embracing technology….. with a pinch of salt

We are a privileged generation, witnessing leaps in technology at a rate few would argue has been witnessed before. But are humans overly reliant on technology, where it could lead to a decline in the intelligence and forward thinking that brought us to this point of accomplishment as civilisation to begin with? Television, mobile phones, […]

A gentle persuasion - #TribalShare by Tenaka's Tribe

A gentle persuasion

Now there’s five minutes missing from my life. Most people find advertising extremely irritating and to be avoided like the plague. Chances are it’s because the advertisers are trying too hard to sell you an idea. Strategy plays a big part in an effective campaign. One popular theory you might be familiar with is the […]

Apps – our daily bread - #TribalShare by Tenaka's Tribe

Apps – our daily bread

The traditional notion of “going online” often evokes images of a desktop or laptop with a full complement of features: large screen, mouse, keyboard, wires aplenty, and a dedicated high-speed connection. Fortunately, this is no longer the case: smartphones are hitting back with a tasty knuckle sandwich – and the secret ingredient is apps. Over […]

The art of making time stand still - #TribalShare by Tenaka's Tribe

The art of making time stand still

What defines art? To me, it comes down to one thing – a feeling. And which medium scythes through even the thickest layer of cynicism and evokes the greatest emotions in me? That’s easy: it’s the effect of capturing a lifetime in a fraction of a second – and the notion that, in this vast […]

Limit me, I dare you - #TribalShare by Tenaka's Tribe

Limit me, I dare you

Limits are a ball ache – they’re all around us (alongside messages urging us to break out of our limits): limited budget, hours, colours, sizes, shapes, team members, resources, media, file size; speed limits; remaining airtime: R3.72; you want to chat? Sure. I’ve got 7 minutes till my next meeting. The list of limits goes […]

Meaningful specifics, useless cogs and a house of cards - #TribalShare by Tenaka's Tribe

Meaningful specifics, useless cogs and a house of cards

I find it refreshing when, in the ever-increasing pace of modern life, I stumble on serendipity. I’d venture to guess that you and I are similar in that we live our lives with a certain degree of predetermined deliberation as we go about getting things done, so you may be wondering exactly what kind of […]

What is the new norm? - #TribalShare by Tenaka's Tribe

What is the new norm?

I’m sure you’ve heard it said that it’s all been done before. There are no original ideas anymore. That everything is just a rehash, recycle or reboot. I beg to differ. In every industry there are pioneers. There are visionaries with incredible ideas. Ideas just so crazy… they might actually work. These are the people […]