The art of making time stand still

What defines art? To me, it comes down to one thing – a feeling. And which medium scythes through even the thickest layer of cynicism and evokes the greatest emotions in me? That’s easy: it’s the effect of capturing a lifetime in a fraction of a second – and the notion that, in this vast and aging universe, the difference between a lifetime and a fraction of a second is negligible. That’s the art of making time stand still. That’s the art of photography.






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#TribalShare - Kishan Hansjee

Kishan Hansjee


Developer – Tenaka’s Tribe.

Traveler. Developer. Photographer.

I have climbed Kilimanjaro, skydived over the Vaal and wandered through Paris at night.

I love discovering and trying new things. I don’t always need to know all the details – I actually prefer not knowing! I thrive in chaos, hoping to leave my distinct mark in the work I do.



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